Golf course perfection that every golfer dreams of Golf Grand Prix Golf Club was born out of love.

Passion and friendship fulfill your golf dreams. If just touching it will be impressed forever.

“Grand Prix Golf Club” has been meticulously designed to be one of the international championship quality standards located at Bo Ploy District, Kanchanaburi Province The course is 7,111 yards long on an area of more than 2,400 rai with a balance of Science and Art. That blends in with nature with full facilities for all golfers and VIP guests in a fun round and impress in every aspect that has been touched.

Golf Course : 087-155-4888

Hotel : 098-887-0003

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You will find not just the beauty of greenery nature surrounded by a variety of plants and colorful flowers at the “Grand Prix Golf Club” but also the unique Malibu beach design decorated in a warm and harmony color tone that invite a golfer to come for a tee off. The golf club is situated outstandingly on the best location that catches every visitor’s eyes. It is a cozy place for everyone to come to meet and relax both before and after a game

Locker room at the clubhouse is another important place where we give priority for golfers. It must be private and personal so golfer can use it with worry free. Locker room is allocated for both lady and gentleman. Each room is fully equipped with all necessary facilities such as large size locker for keeping your belongings, shower room, dressing room, changing room etc. There are128 lockers in male locker room and 31 lockers in female locker room which is plenty enough to accommodate golf lovers.

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Luxurious and comfortable accommodation In the midst of nature, “Grand Prix Golf Club Hotel” is located in the heart of the beautiful mountains of Kanchanaburi. With many amenities, free wifi in every room. There is a maid to clean the room every day. The highlight point is that every room has a balcony for a beautiful golf course view. Among the flower gardens trees if you come to Kanchanaburi for sightseeing or leisure, Grand Prix Golf Club is the place where we are proud to welcome you all.

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What can you do at the Grand Prix Golf Club?GRAND PRIX GOLF CLUB ACTIVITIES