“Grand Prix Golf Club” at Bo Ploy, Kanchanaburi the new empire of “Grand Prix Group” is now ready to serve VIP guests, members and every visitor. Dr. Prachin Eamlumnow, the president and founder of Grand Prix Golf Club wishes the golf course is the master piece of his work and a five-star top class one among others. This is because the 2,400 rais of land is situated in harmony with gorgeous forest and completed with lake that lay along flat and multi-tiered landscape surrounded by different shade of greenery and valley. Therefore, layout planning for the golf course is an essential core in which every aspect must be carefully designed and thought in details to preserve the nature of landscape as much as possible. The design work is focused on the basis of the balance mixture between art and science. Not only the beautiful landscape but the game must be joyful and arouse the golfer’s challenge at the same time. Player must plan each and individual shot carefully from the start till the ball is sent into each hole


Dr. Prachin Eamlumnow has put a lot of effort into this golf course and the result is well worth his effort. The man whose heart is full with art has worked and takes control in every single step to establish this master piece of work. Also, he has been working in collaboration with Mr. Prayad Chinnaraj who is a professional and has long experience in golf course business, and some of his friends who are engineer and architect whose responsibility is involved with construction work. As a consensus, “Grand Prix Golf Club” is said to be one of a perfect golf course that will last long in memory of those who visited.

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